What awaits us after Corona? What is the new epoch of humanity about?

This article is part-2 of a series on astrology, to read part -1 click here.

I would like to start this article where I ended my previous one— humans are being rewired. We proudly called ourselves social animals, deluded ourselves into believing we could control everything on this planet, only to be reprimanded by natural forces now to isolate ourselves and prepare for a life not experienced by our ancestors. No, this is not the end of the world. And yes, there’s hope.

The horizons of our conscious are being forcefully broadened by beings who have been around for millions of years– the planets of our solar system. This phase is part of a cycle, and we have no choice but to be part of it and experience it. If you are ready for the metamorphosis, by the time this year ends—to be precise on December 21st, you will witness the dawn of a new epoch.

Broadening of our horizons

In my previous article I had mentioned April 4th (or 5th according to where you are positioned on the globe) as an important date, the day when Jupiter meets Pluto. Jupiter is a planet of benevolence, wisdom, higher education, long distance travel, cross-cultural relations, religion and law. Pluto is associated with occult, hidden things, viruses, earthquakes, explosions, higher octave of planet of war—Mars. So when Jupiter meets Pluto, we can expect spiritual ascension of humanity but it will be through an extreme measure, as Pluto is a planet of extremes.

Jupiter is meeting Pluto three times this year—April 4th , June 30th and November 12th.  While on April 4th and November 12th this conjunction of the 2 planets will be about finding a solution to the present crisis, June 30th will be about introspection of prolly our and government’s actions, in general.

Under the present circumstances, to allay our fears we need the umbrella of spirituality to protect us from the negativity. By negativity I do not mean the news and information about the virus that we are being overloaded with. I mean, social-conditioning!

Till very recently, we were so busy with our lives that we did not have time to silence our brain, we were leading a robotic life with zilch inner satisfaction, and poor physical and mental health was the by-product. Most of us were living a life which was dominated by our greed for material possession. This social conditioning will change. Religion, law, morality and respect for others will now be the new theme, but since it’s about law, Pluto might cause laws to be harshly implemented on us …or so some might perceive, especially those who are not ready to broaden their horizon.

New epoch for humanity

December 21st, will be a big day when Saturn meets Jupiter to start a new cycle, which our successors will look back as the trigger which helped humanity to transcend to a new level.

Saturn is the planet of Karma and ethics, associated with contraction and paucity, a disciplinarian and stubborn being who is kind towards those who are ready to work hard and lead a disciplined life, but Saturn dislikes cutting-corners or short-cuts. This 4.5 billion year old being, has in the month of March moved to one of it’s exalted position in the sign of Aquarius. As the year progresses, it will go back to previous sign Capricorn as Saturn turns retrograde in the sky, and will finally move into Aquarius in December to stay there for next 2.5 years. When Saturn revisits Capricorn between May 11th and September 28th , albeit in a retrograde motion, it will force us to rethink on our masculine approach to life and ways of earning money. Toxic masculinity will have to take a back seat, nourishing and nurturing way of life associated with feminine energy will come to the driver seat.

 Aquarius is a very forward thinking sign, ergo it is associated with technology, equality, humanitarianism, source of income, group of friends, and freedom from conventional thinking of life. Could this be associated with working from home and staying in touch with your loves ones via technology, despite physical social distancing being strictly implemented by the governments across the world?

Yes, of course! Or so I believe.

Infact, I associate this with out-of-box solutions like —General motors ( a car company) producing ventilators for America, and also with, Indian DRDO ( defence research and development organization) utilizing adhesives used in submarines, special coatings on parachutes for mass producing medical equipment required to fight the battle against corona virus.

Saturn being the 2nd largest planet in our solar system and Jupiter being the largest, their conjunction is bound to bring a huge impact on all of us. Saturn is about ethics, that which is socially acceptable, and Jupiter is about morals, an individual’s principles.

When both the planets align themselves in the sky at zero degrees, the society’s ethics will resonate with the morals of an individual.

Till very recently, the society’s expectations were different from that of an individual; despite an individual craving for equality, society served him a life which kept him discontent. This was the root cause of every trouble in human society till now.With the real-trouble being weeded out, human society will ready itself for economic-restructure; corporates or the greed-machines, as I call them, will be forced to whittle down their profits and take employee’s needs into consideration. By the end of next 2.5 years, i.e. 2022 a lot of people would have quit their jobs in corporate organizations, to lead a more peaceful life. This will be an era when intellectual property will be considered the real wealth. The fast life which we were being forced to lead since the dawn of industrialization, will suddenly come to a grinding halt. I know, most of this is incomprehensible and unimaginable to most, but buddies, till very recently did we imagine the entire world opting for a lockdown?

Not an easy transition

There’s an old aphorism which says—a storm is followed by a rainbow.

While the future is bright, and the transition to the new epoch will not be a smooth one. With Pluto, planet of death, transformation and extremes involved in leading us to the new epoch, humans will be forced into certain transformation which they might resist. Adding to our woes will be Mars which will be at 90 degrees (square) to Pluto on August 12nd, October 7th and December 20th. Mars is associated with explosions, war, desire, action and Pluto is it’s higher octave, which means the traits of Mars will effect a lot more people through Pluto. So on the aforementioned dates there’s a very high chance of explosion, or war like situation, and covert use of metals. This may be consequence of a self-centered approach as Mars squares Pluto in the me-first sign of Aries.

Mars is also about libido—masculine energy will definitely take a hit this year.The theme of procreativity is strong in 2020, as the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction which will take place on December 21st, will also trigger Leo house lying opposite to Aquarius. Leo is about creativity, pro-creativity, kids, childlike innocence, and fun. So with a lockdown in place, the populace will indulge in pro-creativity but that too might take a backseat during Mar’s retrograde period between September 9th and November 13th

In the coming decade procreativity will be associated with spirituality, and will not be seen as a sin anymore. Rings a bell? Lord Shiva, is a Hindu deity associated with both destruction of the universe and pro-creativity. It’s not uncommon in Hinduism or Santana Dharma (as it was called in ancient times) to associate pro-creativity with spirituality.  

The series of events, the genesis of which was in China, in the month of November 2019, will see a climax in the last quarter of this year– December 20th and December 21st will be very important dates for mankind. Even to those who are dilettante when it comes to astrology, will feel the energy building up as we approach the final quarter of 2020. There’s no way one can miss these dates!

Anyone with his moral compass aligned, will not need an almanac to navigate these tough times. But those who will resist this metamorphosis might get short end of the stick that belongs to Saturn and Jupiter– behemoth astronomical beings older than Earth. Though this period might be associated with trauma and melancholy now, eventually humankind will be glad to have gone through this phase.

I bet, the person you are today, will not recognize the person you will have evolved into by the end of this year. Namaste!

In case you want to keep a track of themes and dates

  • Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 4th, June 30th, November 12th
  • Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on December 21st,
  • Saturn retrograde between May 11th and September 28th   ,
  •  Saturn-pluto conjunction on January 12th.
  • Mars-Pluto square on August 12nd, October 7th and December 20th 
  • Mars retrograde between September 9th and November 13th

This article is written by Levina


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