PLA Special Force Soldier Killed In A Mission At Sino-India Border?

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According to Hong Kong media– burial of a Chinese Special Forces Seargant Wen Tao was held at Taojiang Martyrs Cemetery on 3rd Dec 2021.

As per the Zaobao report :

A Chinese soldier was suspected of being killed in the line of duty in the Sino-Indian border region in November last year. His ashes were buried in Taojiang, Hunan last week. Hong Kong media “Sing Tao Daily” reported that this may indicate that the Chinese and Indian armed forces still have sporadic conflicts on the border.

During the ceremony the official mentioned that the soldier Wen Tao had “gloriously sacrificed  his life in the execution of a mission”. Some netizens claimed Wen Tao’s former comrades said, Wen Tao experienced a “bad battle” on the border defense line in the snow and defended the border defense “with his own life and blood.” Outsiders speculated that he might have died in the conflict between China and India.

The bloody clash between Chinese and Indian troops in the Galwan Valley last June resulted in the deaths Indian soldiers and Chinese soldiers. After this, the Chinese side did not announce the number of Chinese soldiers who died in the conflict in the border area.

According to the WeChat public account of the “Taojiang Broadcasting and Television Station” of Hunan, the burial ceremony of the ashes of Wen Tao, who was suspected of being killed in service, was held at the Taojiang Martyrs Cemetery last Friday (December 3). Bian Qingjun, director of the political work department of the army where Wen Tao was working, was at the ceremony. At the meeting, the martyrs’ approval documents and Wen Tao’s deeds were read out. Public information shows that Bian Qingjun is the director of the political work department of a brigade of the 76th Army.

According to reports, Wen Tao died gloriously on November 15, 2020. He was 33 years old. In December of the same year, he was awarded the title of Revolutionary Martyr by the army.

Another Weibo account said that Wen Tao is the fourth-level sergeant chief of the Sirius Special Forces. Public information shows that the Sirius Commando is an anti-terrorist special forces unit in Northwest China, which is affiliated with the Western Theater.

In October this year, the WeChat public account “Mianyidao”, which has a background in Chinese state media, released photos when reporting on Sino-Indian border issues and military commander-level talks between the two sides. It showed that brigade of the 76 Group Army was in the hinterland of Kunlun Mountain at an altitude of more than 3,600 meters in early September.

But the only issue with the report is the soldier died on Nov 15th 2020 but his ashes were cremated a year later, on 3rd Dec 2021.

Via Mil News Sina
Via Mil News Sina

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