Govt Of China Instructs Soldier’s Family To Hold Private Funeral After India-China Border Clash

According to Indian intel reports 43 Chinese soldiers are believed to have been killed on 15th June at Galwan valley. Whilst US intel reports too believe China lost more soldiers than India, it puts the number at 35. The Indian Army lost 20 soldiers during the clash and their public funerals saw thousands queuing up to pay their respect for the soldiers. Au contraire, Chinese political officers instructed families of their soldiers to keep funerals a private affair.

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In a blog post that went viral, the political commissar of Xiangtan city, Hu Yifei, advised family of a soldier named Wang Xiaobai to hold a private funeral. According to the post, the family was informed that due to special circumstances the cremation had been done and that the soldier’s ashes had been buried. Ostensibly, the soldier’s father wanted to hold a funeral service.

Chinese media though have confirmed loss of soldiers on China’s side but have not revealed the numbers or names. It would be considered ignominious for the Communist party of China to accept that PLA (people’s liberation Army) was responsible for the provocation at LAC (line of actual control) and that they lost more soldiers. This would not just demoralize the PLA soldiers but also decimate the invincible image of PLA.

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This is not the first time an Army has hidden it’s loss. In 1999, during the Kargil war between India and Pakistan, when Pakistani soldiers guised as non-state actors were killed by the Indian Army, the Pakistan’s Army refused to accept the bodies of its soldiers. The bodies were later buried by Indian Army. Eleven years after the war was over the names of the soldiers were added to Pakistan Army’s website.

In the pic: Indian Army burying the dead Pakistani soldiers during Kargil War

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