Inghimasi Style Attack in Balochistan, Pak Army Stunned

By Levina Last evening, Baloch rebels attacked two military camps in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, one attack took place in Panjgur and the other in Noshki Frontier Corps camp. ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) had initially confirmed the death of only one soldier and four Baloch rebels, but it hid the fact that it was an Inghimasi style attack by Read More

A Veteran Opines– A Planned Security Failure Or A Preplanned Conspiracy To Assassinate PM MODI?

By Abhi Athavale, a Veteran from Indian Army On the 5th of January, When the first pictures of Modiji’s cavalcade stranded on a flyover just 20 Kms away from the Pakistan border were flashed on the National Television it a chill crawled up the spine. He was stranded on the flyover for a good 20 Read More

Sweet & Sour Indo-US Relationship! The Dark & Bright Side

By Levina The behemoths, US & Russia, are at loggerheads again in Ukraine, and India is carefully treading the path of friendship with both it’s allies. Ostensibly, since 2016 India was designated “Major defence partner” of the United States, and later in 2018 India got the Strategic Trade Authorization Tier 1 status, which facilitated it Read More

NASA’s Connection To Samskrit!!!

Article by Rapper Pandit Many people will tell you that NASA is researching on Samskrit, but they won’t tell you why?? Let me elucidate you 2 important reasons, why: Say an astronaut repairing satellite sends message from space. Due to large distances, there is a latency and shift in word positioning when decoded. Suppose he Read More

5000 years old Guruvayoor Temple of Kerala

Did you know this temple connects Banaras/ Kashi in UP, Dwarka in Gujarat and Guruvayoor in Kerala? Article by Levina Today is GURUVAYOOR EKADASHI— Vrishikam Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. Shukla Paksha means waxing moon and Ekadashi is numbering system in Sanskrit which means 11 days after new moon. Preparation for this Ekadashi starts a month before Read More

Tribute to Gen Rawat, by a veteran

By Abhi Athavale (Veteran) When alive they protected the nation. In death, they united us. On a black Wednesday, a piece of terrifying news shattered everyone. Sleep well Sir… My heart sank the moment I heard the breaking news on TV that a MI – 17 V 5 was involved in a crash in the hills Read More

PLA Special Force Soldier Killed In A Mission At Sino-India Border?

By The Watcher According to Hong Kong media– burial of a Chinese Special Forces Seargant Wen Tao was held at Taojiang Martyrs Cemetery on 3rd Dec 2021. As per the Zaobao report : A Chinese soldier was suspected of being killed in the line of duty in the Sino-Indian border region in November last year. Read More

Purvanchal Expressway!

By Col Abhi Athavale (veteran) On the 16th November 2021 PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the first-ever E – way having state of the are 2 airstrip Runways for the IAF.  Purvanchal Expressway is 341 Km long. It starts from village Chaudsarai, district Lucknow located on Lucknow-Sultanpur road  and terminates at village Hydaria located on National Highway No. Read More

Swastika & 2000 Years of Decaying That Hinduism Faced Are Connected

Article in AUDIO format By Levina The “2000 yrs old” way of living is about to change, do you feel it? An old established system which didn’t align to human moral compass will collapse. But people remain skeptical and are often quick to point that—last 2000 yrs coincided with downfall of #Sanatana. We forget that Read More

Cabal Exposed- Time to Introspect and Reform

By Esha Indian democracy is under attack from internal and external enemies of  the country. It has become the new normal to make sweeping comments about everything Indian. What is strange is that these attacks are made by people who actually have no idea about India! They blatantly disregard the complexity of the Indian culture Read More

Other side of story–How does Indian Kashmiri perceive Pakistan’s win over India in T20 ICC match?

By Mir Junaid A country founded basically on anti Hindu thesis – the ideological framework developed by Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and few London based Islamic scholars, notwithstanding – has evolved in to a state where only irrationality rules and finds her cognizance in fueling hatred and nurturing poisonous minds against India; the Read More

Indian Court, Defence & Women — How much is too much?

  By Maj Gen Harsha Kakar (Retd) On 18th August, the supreme court issued an interim order stating that women should be permitted to appear for the National Defence Academy (NDA) exam for obtaining permanent commission into the defence forces. On 08 Sept, Additional Solicitor General, Aishwarya Bhatti, stated to the court, ‘A decision has been Read More

A Coup That Wasn’t ….. A Threat That Remains

Article by Col Sushil Tanwar (Col Sushil Tanwar is a well decorated officer serving in the Indian Army) On a dreary September afternoon in 1995, the Customs officials manning the Check post near Attock waved at a Pakistan Army Staff car coming from Peshawar and brought it to a grinding halt. While it is not Read More

A Story Of Betrayal of Upa-Gana-stan ( Afghanistan)

By Col Abhi Athavale (veteran) The name “Afghanistan” comes from “Upa-Gana-stan” which means in Sanskrit “the place inhabited by allied tribes”. A LITTLE TIME TRAVEL MORE THAN A MILLENNIUM IN THE PAST, What was the history of Afghanistan before the arrival of Muslim invaders, like Ghazni to India?The year 980 C.E. marks the beginning of the Read More

Two Presidents and Two Generals – Iraq and Afghanistan in Retrospect

As Taliban takes over Afghanistan, US Military is in spotlight for their failure to win the ‘forever war’. This is to surmise the contrast in Political-Military Strategy of US in Iraq and Afghanistan–a study of 2 Wars, 2 Presidents (Bush n Obama) and 2 Generals (Petraeus n McChrystal).

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