NASA’s Connection To Samskrit!!!

Article by Rapper Pandit

Many people will tell you that NASA is researching on Samskrit, but they won’t tell you why??

Let me elucidate you 2 important reasons, why:

Say an astronaut repairing satellite sends message from space. Due to large distances, there is a latency and shift in word positioning when decoded.

Suppose he says “Tiger Sees a Deer”.

Due to word shift it becomes “Deer Sees a Tiger” and meaning is reversed.

Samskrit : Subject & Object are uniquely classified.

 Any arrangements of words mean the same “Baghah Mrigum Pashyati Pashyati Baghah Mrigum Mrigum Baghah Pashyati”.

Space Astronauts have limited time to communicate and also shorter messages have less chances to be changed

English – We Two are Playing !

 Hindi – हम दो खेल रहे हैं।

Samskrit – क्रीड़ावः

So, Second Reason: Brevity

Hence two important reasons Samskrit can be used for astronomical communications in NASA and also for AI and Programming are :

 1. Any arrangement of words, meaning remains the same

 2. Meaning is Conveyed in the shortest possible words in any language.

You can understand the challenges in space communication and appreciate the role Samskrit can play in an article published by satellite today– Minimizing Latency in Satellite Networks.

To the people who are skeptical about it:

Q1. Whether NASA scientist did Research on Sanskrit for advantages in use for communication

Ans:  Yes, Authentic Paper of 1985 by NASA researcher Rick Briggs exists.

Q2. Whether Sanskrit is compulsary to be studied at NASA Aeronautics?

Ans: No, there is no such proof available.

Q3. Whether space communication faces challenges of delay, latency and ambiguity in Communication?

Ans: Yes, there are research papers available.

Q4. Whether Sanskrit can solve this issue ?

Ans: Yes! Due to brevity & non ambiguity of word placement

Q5. Whether Sanskrit Texts have been referred by Scientists in Past

Ans: Yes !

 Neils Bohr (atomic model), Heisenberg (u.principle), Oppenheimer (atomic bomb),Tesla (energy), Schrodinger (wave equation).

Q6. Whether 30% of NASA employees are Indian?

 No: it’s around 8% that comes to approx 500 Indians at NASA which is a significant number nevertheless.

Q7. Is NASA currently working on Sanskrit as preferred language?

NASA works on many cutting edge technologies,10yrs ahead of time. Since it’s ‘cutting edge’ we will not know. But yes it is working on AI, machine learning &Space communication For which Sanskrit is most suited.

Q9: Which communication am I talking about?

Ans: I am talking of space communication of people like Astronauts /future Interstellar Travelers.

Q.10 How is Samskrit great for AI and Machine Learning Ans:

“..Indians were Computer Scientists without Hardware”~ Rick Briggs

Both AI and ML require unambiguity and brevity as explained above. But there are little explored key aspects that make it optimum They are as shown:

1. Three genders: Masculine, Feminine & Neutral.

2. Three Quantifiers: Singular, ‘Double’& Plural (>2)

3. Varnmaala of 21Vowels-to even mimic Sounds of Nature

4. What you see is what you say

बालक(see)=बालक (speak)

Boy=bɔɪ or BOI

5. 8×3 matrix-Vibhakti+Purush Defines all actions

There are 1000s of Samskrit Manuscripts in Germany. When Hitler felt left out as France/Britain were growing in Industrial revolution, he wanted to emulate the identity of greatest Civilization, this is why he chose the word– Aryan. European Engineers researched a lot on Hindu Manuscripts is not a secret.

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