Cracking Down on Kidnappings and Terrorism in North East

By Levina

Assam rifles continues to crack it’s whip on the terrorists of PLA.

A local recruiter of proscribed group PLA identified as Mantrimayum Tababa alia Pamuba Singh was recently apprehended by Assam Rifles after an input was received regarding movement of this recruiter with a recruit to Moreh.

Assam rifles and Police took prompt action to save the recruit who is a 19 year old teenager studying in grade 12 and who had been picked up without the knowledge of his parents. He was being taken on the false pretext of a job in Tamu, Myanmar.

Recruiter from PLA Mantrimayum Tababa alia Pamuba Singh apprehended in a joint op by Assam Rifles & Manipur Police

Its very common for PLA to hunt for young teenagers from poor families and manipulate them to join the banned group, which runs its training camps in Myanmar.

PLA has faced heavy losses in last few years due to Indian Army’s operations, and also due to loss of support of people who have shunned the banned group which is infamous for kidnapping children and training them as terrorists.

The group was formed in 1978 and has been responsible for myriads of carnages that have taken place in Manipur, the most recent being attack on the convoy of 46 Assam Rifles in November 2021. In the attack we lost four soldiers, Colonel Viplav Tripathi, the Commanding Officer of 46 AR, his family (wife and 9-year-old son). The attack had been carried out to send a shock wave across North-East.

PLA maintains a cadre of approximately 300-500 trained soldiers, but with Indian defence forces carrying out multiple operations to sanitise the region, PLA has suffered heavy losses. The lacuna so created is filled by young soldiers.

This trend of abducting children has been continuing since atleast 2008. At one point the abductions had increased so much that schools came out in protest against the kidnappings of children by proscribed terrorist groups like PLA.

The proscribed terrorist groups like PLA are now following a strategy very similar to the one executed by ISI backed terrorist groups in Kashmir where terrorists are being groomed from teenage. Albeit the good news is—in Kashmir terrorism has taken a hit and the locals have been cooperating well with the defence forces. A similar trend in North East will facilitate in whittling down cases of teenage terrorists.

By Levina

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