Massive Setback, PLA Manipur loses 3 Officer Cadres in a Clash with Rival

By Levina

Three militants of PLA killed!

This is a massive blow to the separatist armed militant group of Manipur PLA (People’s Liberation Army of Manipur) or PLAM, which lost 3 of senior cadres in an attack at a place in Kamjong district, Manipur, at around 9 am yesterday. It may have been an ambush laid down by the rival group or the drug trafficking mafia, albeit PLA blames 21 Para SF of Indian Army.

The 3 so-called officers of the militant group who were killed, belonged to Tactical HQ Of PLA camp in Kwangkan camp, Myanmar, as seen in the picture below. Kwangkan camp is the place where most of the militants from India’s Northeast are trained.

According to reports all three of them held the rank of captain and had been recruited as early as 2007. The militant group has lost 3 of it’s experienced men which it considers a huge loss. The names of the three militants released by PLA are Capt Hongba alias Lucky, Capt Sanjit and Capt Shashikanta alias Ayangba.

Out of the three men, Capt Ayanba of PLA was an IED expert was apparently involved in Behang Ambush in which Assam Rifle’s officer Col Viplav Tripathi, his wife and his 5 year son, and 4 soldiers were killed in November last year.

There are reports which suggest that PLA may have come under the attack of it’s rival faction or a drug mafia operating in the region. The operation has been big setback to PLA who cadre has now begun surrendering after the incident. Below is a letter from one of the rival factions which state that they were not involved.

Letter from KNO declaring they were not involved

Col Viplav Tripathi who was attacked in November 2021

By Levina

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