Racial Tensions In America, Communal Tensions & Maoist Terrorism In India—Democracy To Destruction—The Communist Non-Contact Warfare

An article by Levina

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Recent reports allege that China was involved in unleashing racial tensions in America, but this is not the first time the communist regime has been found with it’s hands in the cookie jar. Be it Taiwan, Sri Lanka or India, communists have customised strategies of non-contact warfare for destabilising every democracy across the globe. The plan is executed surreptitiously in stages, through a third party which ensures the trail doesn’t lead to the spy agencies of China.

What is Non-contact warfare?

When the enemy doesn’t wage a war with the forces on the traditional battlespace, instead minimizes it’s direct contact with the defence forces, and uses a third party (usually radicalized mob) to cause a dent in the economic progress, and to damage the thin fibre of societal unity leading to destabilization of the country.

A report released by FOX news says, Chinese consulate in Houston was epicentre of myriads of activities to subvert United states of America, an argument which was further reinforced by proof that emerged from the scene of crime, in this case the consulate itself. Ostensibly, other Chinese consulates in America also indulge in similar activities. From funding the recent racial tensions to employing students and professionals to carry out sleuth activities in America, the Chinese consulate was behind many nefarious activities in the country. But on the other side of the globe, countries like India and Taiwan have been bearing the brunt of having a neighbour with a totalitarian communist regime, since very long now. What remains to be ascertained is whether China indulges in such activities because it sees democracy as a threat to communism, or is it to maintain CCP’s economical hegemony across the world?  

The racial tension with communist undertone

On 23rd July the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, made the most scathing speech against China, which was titled—Communist China and the free world’s future. He pointed out how the communist regime in China had used it’s wherewithal to not just steal technology out of US but also hatched ploys to destabilise the country. Without delay the predictable Chinese authorities came out with a statement claiming that America was the real-tormentor. But who is buying China’s claim now that it’s involvement in spread of the pandemic and stoking the racial tensions has been proven beyond doubts?

On June 26th a shipment 10,000 Assault weapon parts which were being smuggled from Shenzhen, China, were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. The parts being smuggled could easily convert a semi-automatic gun into automatic gun with ease. It’s an age-old strategy of smugglers to get weapons in parts to avoid getting under the radar of authorities. Interestingly, many protestors during the recent racial demonstrations that took place on the streets of America, were spotted carrying fully automatic assault rifles, which had baffled Police. Though automatic guns are allowed but nto everyone cal lay their hands over it. Clearly, to anyone who is looking from afar it is not hard to conclude that the weapons were being supplied from China to America, so that a civil war could be instigated. The demonstrations were manufactured and not organic.

In pic: the assault weapon parts smuggled into Florida, USA. Pic credit: cbp.gov

Protester of black lives matter with an assault rifle. Pic credit: Politico

Gene Sharp, an American political scientist in his book—From Dictatorship to Democracy, had listed many ways of collapsing a dictatorship and installing a democratic machinery in a country. But some communist genius decided to reverse engineer the strategies that were described in the book, to destroy democracies across the world.

The strategy to enslave a democracy

Every democracy has certain vulnerabilities, for example in India’s case it is the religious minority, in Sri Lanka’s case it is the economy, in America it is the non-uniform population of coloured people. The communist strategy is to destabilise a democracy by inserting wedges between different communities or to trap the country into economic slavery.

Case 1: India

For almost 4 months since November 2019, streets across the Indian capital Delhi witnessed most brutal demonstrations which involved killing of Policemen and innocents alike. The protest was carried out by mislead and radicalised minorities against the Citizenship amendment act (CAA). The plan was to transmogrify the innocuous looking agitation at Shaheen bagh, Delhi, into a full-blown escalation at India’s borders, but it was to unfold in many stages.

  • Stage 1: Use women and children to purvey that the protest was organic.
  • Stage 2: Create political unrest, wave of riots, thefts and arson.
  • Stage 3: Assassinate a high-value target.
  • Stage 4: Full blown escalation on the border and economic predation.

The main aim was –to slow the progress of Indian economy, a strong Asian competitor of China, while simultaneously ensuring that Indian populace was rattled against the present democratically elected government. But as luck would have it, by March, when the protests had entered stage-2, the pandemic lead to end of the manufactured protests due to shut down. Individuals involved in Shaheen Bagh protests in Delhi, were later found to have links with Pakistan’s spy agency, ISI. This is an organisation which is responsible for all the terrorists activities within the subcontinent—from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. It’s a well-known fact that in Asian countries like India, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh, China hires Pakistan’s spy agency to execute it’s nefarious plans. China and Pakistan share a bond “deeper than the sea and sweeter than Honey”– a quote by Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Shariff, for the bonhomie shared by Pakistan’s government with communist regime in China, proves the author’s argument.

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In the pics: Pic 1: Dead body of Vinod Kumar who was attacked by a mob in Brahmapuri in Delhi, Pic credit: Swati Goel
Pic 2: Chief of defence staff, Bipin Rawat, asking defence forces in India to prepare for non contact warfare,
Pic 3: Arsonist, Shahrukh, points his pistol at Police

But protests in Delhi are not the only example to prove that China interferes in the smooth functioning of the biggest democracy in the world. India faces terrorism in many forms– in Kashmir it is based on religious identity while in places with higher tribal population terrorism manifests in the form of Maoists. Tribal cause is merely a façade used by Maoist groups which are funded and provided weapons by China. It’s a well-known fact that Maoists are proxy Chinese soldiers , says ex-Indian Military intelligence officer RSN Singh.

In states like Kerala and Bengal, politicians of communist party of India, have on many occasions added fuel to communal fire of India. One good example is the Marad Massacre in northern Kerala which took place in 2003. So be it through communal tensions or terrorism, China has managed to keep India on tenterhooks.

Case 2: Sri Lanka

It is an open secret now that China made Sri Lanka cough up a sea-port due to the economic debt the latter owes to Xi’s regime. The Hambantota Port which though operated by Sri Lankan authorities, was constructed with 85% of funding from EXIM Bank of the People’s Republic of China. After incurring huge losses the port was leased to China’s merchant holding company. But Sri Lanka was till very recently one of the most well-known tourist-destination and geographically well-placed with no dearth of ships crossing by. So the easiest way to hurt it’s surging economy was to use a terrorist attack to ward-off tourists and investors headed to the island country. The Easter blasts which took place in Sri-Lanka in 2019, though had ISIS’s involvement in it but the terrorist’s organisation had no reason to attack it. Later during the investigations, it was found that the suicide bombers were trained by Pakistani entities and that the Pakistani spy agency could have it’s fingerprints on the blasts. But the motivation to carry out such an attack was the funds ISI received from China. Once again, this was clear case of using a third-party for subverting a democracy.

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In the pic: A Gate at Hambantota Port, pic credit: groundviews

Case 3: Taiwan

In the first week of January as the Covid-19 virus began to spread outside China, Taiwan was fighting a different war. In an incident that created pandemonium across the world, a black hawk helicopter carrying Taiwanese chief of General staff, and 13 senior officers from the Taiwanese defence forces, crashed near Wulai area with dense forestation. A few days prior to the chopper crash, in a new year’s speech, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen , had declined Beijing’s offer of “one country, two systems” formula. This had rattled Xi Jingping’s government and it had become very vociferous in claiming Taiwan as it’s territory. The Chinese-Taiwanese relationship had hit rock bottom after an anti-infiltration bill that was passed by Taiwan in December 2019. The bill came with serious repercussions for those found indulging in lobbying, election influence, fake news dissemination and political contributions originating outside Taiwan. Obviously, China was not happy. The crash had jeopardized Taiwanese elections for the President and lawmakers, which were to be conducted on January 11 this year. It was as clear as sky as to who could possibly be behind the crash.

The black hawk which had crashed, Pic credit: Economic Daily China

All the above cases are just few of the myriads of examples scattered across the globe which prove how Chinese communist party’s unsatiated greed for economic power has kept democracies in shambles.

1000 grains of sands and 1000 talents program

Seal of thousand talents program, pic credit: Wikipedia

A self-aware China prefers offense over defense, but it’s weapons are not just arms and ammunitions but also it’s sleuth community which has managed to percolate into democratic government machineries. The most popular of Chinese spying strategy “1000 grains of sand” is what ensures China has an edge over other spy agencies. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) encourages the Chinese citizens to be globe-trotters, when they return from other countries, they are welcomed by Chinese intelligence officers, who gather loose grains of information from the amateur info-collectors. The collected information is then pieced together to form a bigger picture. This is based on Sun Tzu’s principle which says—“know thyself, know your enemy—a thousand battles, a thousand victories”. Similarly, CCP uses research scholars with roots in PLA (People’s Liberation Army, China) to steal research material worth millions from other countries and also to carry out espionages. The most recent example is the 1000 talent program which FBI says was created so that Chinese government could engage with individuals who had access to foreign technology or valuable data. The gist is—even the most unsuspecting citizen of China or supporter of communist regime is utilised by CCP.

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As brusque it may sound, the liberal constitutions of democracies create a space for entities with nefarious designs to function as a part of the democratic structure. Ofcourse, CCP was only too clever to customise it’s strategies of non-contact warfare for different democratic countries according to it’s vulnerabilities. This is a reminder of another aphorism credited to Sun Tzu—the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. The only solution to thwart a non-contact warfare is to have alert citizens, by strengthening the pillars of democracy which includes media. Any failure to do so comes at the peril of being enslaved by a regime which doesn’t believe in the concept fundamental rights.  

An article by Levina 

Copying the article or an excerpt without giving due credit to the website and author will be considered an infringement of copyright.

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