Headlines of the Day! 2022

April 2022

April 12th

  1. BIG:
    INDIA beware!
    Did #Cheen really think they will be able to fool #Israel? LISTENING devices in THERMAL MUGs! 😄
    These were gifted to Israeli govt by Chinese embassy.
    Shin bet (internal spy agency of Israel) has taken up the investigation!
    Reminiscent of #ISRO- cheeni #OPPO deal!

Earlier in Israel Chinese students wr apparently also tasked to spy. Nothing new! CONFUCIUS institute is known to carry out such acts across the world. Confucius institute is still active in Mumbai. Know more about it in one of our posts here>>

We had also reported 2 years ago on how an #ISRO’s office in #Kolkata is located right next to infamous cheeni company. Read here 👇

2. General MM Naravane inducted the indigenously developed Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle Medium (QRFV), Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle, Ultra Long Range Observation System developed by

Tataadvanced and Multi Role Mine Protected Armored Vehicle developed by


3. Pakistan Army officer Maj Shujaat along with 4 soldiers KIA during a counter terrorist operation against #TTP in Angor adda at Pak-Afghan border.

4. We buy some energy necessary for our energy security. But I suspect, looking at figures, our purchases for the month would be less than what Europe does in an afternoon : Dr JaiShankar

April 7th

  1. Indian govt 2 days ago introduced an “insertion” in WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION #WMD bill, in Lok Sabha.

What is it about?
It merely tightens the noose around people involved in such activities, by FREEZING and SEIZING their assets.India previously had not covered the financial aspect of it. This new provision was essential to meet India’s international obligations.

We had recently posted a video on nukes.
You can watch it here>> https://youtu.be/Tns03zsyPSY>

2. HAL has handed over first set of #Gaganyaan hardware to #ISRO!
Gaganyaan is India’s 1st human spacelift programme.
HAL also handed over 150th Make Satellite Bus Structure.

You can watch our videos on ISRO:
Scientist poisoned— https://youtu.be/zgbOZ7WxYs0
GSLV failure: https://youtu.be/LEOZ9xQr3TQ
Nambi Narayanan: https://youtu.be/7DXpNlzqH2c

3. Indian government denies new XE variant of coronavirus found in Mumbai – report

After Mumbai authorities claimed that a case of the novel XE variant of coronavirus had been found in the city, the Health Ministry has reportedly discovered that the patient’s genome sequencing does not indicate its presence. (India Today)The patient, a fully vaccinated 50-year-old woman has shown no symptoms so far, according to local health teams.

Via RT

4. Historical fact!

April 6th

1. Civilian aircrafts to be converted into multi mission tanker transport!

HAL has entered into an MoU with #Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to convert civil (passenger) aircraft to Multi Mission Tanker Transport (MMTT) aircraft for refuelling and cargo-transport capabilities.

2. Greece has expelled 12 Russian diplomats. On expected lines! Crete island of Greece has a NATO base. All NATO countries are on Russia’s unfriendly nation’s list.

3. 0.5 front on tenterhooks!

After #RanaAyub, Aakar Patel, Chief of #AmnestyIndia stopped at Bengaluru airport as he was on #CBI look out notice.

In 2019, CBI & in 2018, #ED respectively had made searches at Amnesty’s premises in connection with violation of foreign direct investment norms.

He was flying to #USA to deliver lectures in 3 universities — Michigan University, Berkley University and New York University.

April 5th

1. Russia comes to #ImranKhan’s rescue! Russia ostensibly has confirmed there ws #US interference in destabilising Imran Khan’s govt.

On Feb 22nd when Imran Khan went to #Russia his party members began moving to other parties.

2. A temple corridor that is a threat to the #Puri temple itself!

#ASI letter had asked authorities to stop work at 100m from the temple.

But pics show otherwise.

Now #BJP National VP Jay Panda asks state to honour every Odia’s sentiment & stop unauthorised destruction of temple.

3. In last 3 months— 42 terrorists killed in #Kashmir, confirmed DGP of JK Police Dilbagh Singh.

Last year 32 #Pakistani or the so the called FTs (foreign terrorists) were eliminated.

This year’s 1st quarter has been very productive he said.

4. In the video message released by As-Sahab media, AI-Qaeda’s mouthpiece, chief of AQ, Ayman Zawahiri, is seen glorifying Indian girl #MuskanKhan who came to limelight in Karnataka Hijab protests held in Feb 2022.

#PFl also supported the protest. High time #NIA got involved!

As far as Zawahiri being alive is concerned —-its an old news. As early as Sep 2021 the news was out. We had posted it here>> https://twitter.com/levinaneythiri/status/1437704044257107969?s=21&t=JPl_pJ3klwMwtpIIv7sPnw

April 4th

  1. #Pakistan’s stock exchange saw a massive crash today after Imran Khan mentioned US official Donald Lu for destabilising his govt. Pak media has reported that his party members along with his wife #BushraBibi’s fren (involved in corruption) have flown out of Pak to middl east. Also Pak Army confirmed that there’s no evidence that there was a foreign conspiracy to destabilise Imran Khan’s government.
Via Business recorder

2. Meanwhile #WhiteKnight corps, Kashmir, reported—last night an infiltration bid was foiled by #IndianArmy. 1 terrorist was eliminated, body recovered. Also 3 major terrorist attacks took place in Kashmir in last 2 days. One CRPF soldier lost his life in an attack made in the valley.

3. Sri Lankan stock exchange also halted its trading. The central bank governor resigned in the wake of exacerbating economic crisis that has sparked massive protests across the island nation.

Sri Lankan central bank governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal 

4. Defence intel, Ministry of Defence, Ukraine says : 2 Russian soldiers died and 28 hospitalised after being #Poisoned by pastry delicacies offered to them by #civilians near Kharkiv. Daily mail also claims 500 Russian soldiers were hospitalised after drinking poisoned alcohol.

5. Alexandar Vucic of #Serbia & Viktor Orban of #Hungary won the elections in their respective countries, both are considered pro-#Putin by west. France is headed for elctions on April 7th. #Macron is winning, claim opinion polls but by a small margin.

We believe the man deserves respect, for his govt has crippled Pak’s Army.
Apparently only French MIRAGEs are capable of carrying nukes and France has declined to maintain Pak’s Mirage’s & submarines.
(Assumption: Pak has nukes!)

France is probably the only country which has declined any sort of military assistance to Pak. But yes, India will have to walk a tight rope between France & #Russia— which we believe isnt as “tight” as it’s being made out to be.

6. 2 officials suspended & 3 transferred! The officials were involved in imparting fire fighting training to #PFI. The organisation we know has been associated with plotting myriads of nefarious activities in the country. Pics clicked in Kerala 2 days ago. Pic credit: K Surendran

7. 267 #Ukrainian marines surrendered in Mariupol. Few hours back, Zelensky had appeared in front of media, he looked disturbed while admitting Ukrainians are facing a tough time in Mariupol. Vid: faceofwar

8. Apparently #Russia#Ukraine war comes with serious repercussions for #European aviation industry.

Russia’s airspace can be accessed only by friendly nations, some flights frm Europe hv hd to add as much 2 EXTRA hours to their journey. True for #Japan’s flights too. #US is lucky! Add to it the FUEL woes Europe is facing. #US doesn’t stand to lose much when compared to Europe.

March 2022

March 6th

Indian envoy to Palestine Mukul Arya found dead inside the embassy. President & PM of Palestine instruct police & authorities find out more about the death. IFS Mukul Arya’s profile, served Ministry in Delhi, in addition to serving at the Permanent Delegation of India to UNESCO in Paris and at the Embassies of India in #Kabul and #Moscow

March 7th

~BSF shoots down drone from #Pakistan which was carrying 4Kg of CONTRABAND Items into Punjab

~One more down! IC 814 hijacker (1999) ZAHOOR MISTRY (marked in pic) shot down by 2 men in Karachi.

Mastermind of the hijacking, brother in law of Masood Azhar (who ws released in 1999) was killed in #BalakotStrike 2019. During IC814 hijacking ep, Ajit Doval was the negotiator. Infact it is believed in 1994 #AjitDoval and his team had accidentally stumbled upon Masood Azhar in Anantnag, Kashmir. He ws incarcerated! What followed was a few kidnappings, killings and finally the Hijack. Masood Azhar still roams free!

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